Join BLuNotes as we celebrate the wordsmiths of the Carolinas the 3rd Wednesday every month from 6-8pm in our BLuRoom.

This event is open to all published and aspiring writers who are looking for workshops, resources,  ways to improve their craft, find a mentor, or become a mentor. 

This is Networking for Authors.

Meet the Authors.  Take the opportunity to find out the story behind the story, or reason behind the written word.

Share.  Meet.  Create.  

Wednesday April 20, join us as we welcome:

         Author and life coach Eddie Love    &   Author of 8 books,  Robin Weaver


Different styles.  Different genres.  Information to get you on the path, compare roads,  or to inspire you to create a new one.

Seating is limited.  Special tapas menu. 

Everything is Creatively Authentic here.