GREAZY is tailor made for our Straight-Ahead Fridays at BLuNotes!  

2 shows      7pm     10pm        $4 each show

Led by the enigmatic Braxton Bateman on trumpet, GREAZY has been a staple at BLuNotes since we first opened our doors in Mid November a few short months ago.

GREAZY has quickly become a favorite for both staff and guests.  There is an energy that comes from the joy these young men bring to the stage.    With high school graduation looming in the near future for two of the group members, we are grateful to have them here to share their talent with our guests.   

Sean Mason is a brilliant pianist whose poise, ability and showmanship is beyond his years.  He is an old soul in a very youthful form.  Always exciting to watch, Sean has become a well respected and in demand performer for projects throughout the area.  A bright future for Sean is on the horizon.

Still a junior, Matthew Gale adds his solid bass playing to the quartet.  We have seen his growth through the past months and are looking forward to seeing him develop more in the coming years.

Laying down a solid bottom is the oh-so-talented David Hamilton Jr. on drums.   David has been a part of the Charlotte music scene for quite a while and has most recently formed another progressive jazz group "AIRLINE", which has performed at BLuNotes and can be found on our Friday schedule in the future.