The world has had its share of soul singers: Brazen talents that ignite the soul and consume the heart. Soul music serves as a reminder of the varied emotions and experiences we face in life, whether it is a new love or a lost one. Yes, the world has had many soul singers and even more soul albums…but, in recent years, there have been no soul singers like Ida Divine and there have been no albums with the street ilk of I Rise to the Top.

While it might sound like hyperbole, Ida Divine may very well be that emerging star that will rekindle authentic soul music from another time for those who’ve noticed it’s been missing. Divine is so much more than just her voice, she possesses a presence that is palatable through every venue she performs in. Her voice is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depth and the strength in her talent, and Divine goes beyond just singing lyrics. With every syllable and every note, the listener is opened up to the very inner workings of Ida herself, and with that level of openness, the listener is able to better become immersed in a savvy, soulful brand of R&B with street cred. With the help of legendary R&B/Hip Hop producer Herb Middleton, the classy, brassy, and bold talent of Divine is taken to a plain of musical mastery, infusing Soul, Hip Hop, R&B, and New York rap skills into a gloriously strong and daring album that expands through genres and destroys any preconceived notions of what a modern day soul album can be.

The concept of a strong, soulful, funky, and honest album is not a new one, but Ida Divine’s I Rise to the Top goes beyond the mere idea of such an album- along with producer Herb Middleton, Ida delivers a blend of genres that will be sure to please fans of grounded, soulful, yet hip music. Listen for yourself and you’ll see: Ida Divine’s I Rise to the Top is the real deal.